Auburn University has established a fund to help advance studies of the Wetumpka Impact Crater called the Wetumpka Impact Crater Fund (WICF)

We hope that you will consider contributing to this fund.  Here's how you can make a difference.

What will my gift be used for?  Auburn University geologists need funds for incidental expenses in connection with scientific research work on the Wetumpka Impact Crater.  Such expenses are incurred typically during field and laboratory work. Example expenses are: photographic processing, microscope slides, topographic maps, satellite photographs, etc.  Our work is related to understanding how and when the impact crater formed, and is not part of the effort to establish a park in the Wetumpka area.

How can I contribute?  Send your contribution by check made out to the Auburn University Foundation and mailed to Dr. David T. King, Jr., Department of Geology, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5305 USA.  On your check, please indicate that your gift is for the 'WETUMPKA IMPACT CRATER FUND' (or WICF)All contributions to this fund are IRS qualified as 100% tax-deductable in the U.S.  A card which acknowledges your gift and tax deduction will be mailed to you promptly.

What do I get for the money?  We expect to send our contributors a WICF Yearly Newsletter detailing progress on Wetumpka impact crater studies, as long as they are in progress.  New member who request one can receive a copy of the 29-page, 1999 publication Wetumpka impact crater guidebook by David T. King, Jr. and Lucille W. Petruny free upon request.  We expect work to continue at Wetumpka for many years and would like to have you on our mailing list!

Whom do I contact (if I need more information)?  Please contact Dr. David T. King, Jr., Department of Geology, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5305 USA. Voice: 334 844-4282 or -4882. FAX 334 844-4486.  E-mail: kingdat@mail.auburn.edu.

Please download or send same information requested on paper.

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I want the Newsletter?  yes/no    I want the Guidebook? yes/no

Send with check to:  Wetumpka Impact Crater Fund (c/o KING), Dept. of Geology, Auburn University, Auburn, AL  36849-5305.